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Dear entrepreneurs,

I am looking for an investor/ business partner.

First of all I would love to introduce myself. I am a vendor account coordinator with more than 8 years of working experience after my University degree in communication and media.

Having my own business has always been on my mind, but having a family makes it challenging to take some risks as other members have to be taken into consideration.

After selling on marktplaats for over a year, I decided to register my company officially in March 2019.

Then June 2019 my webshop www.virtuoussplendour.com went live. 

Everything has been done by me, the content, photoshoots, product descriptions etc.

It has been very challenging running a business, working fulltime and also having a family of three kids.

The webshop has not generated sales, so I wanted a physical shop so I can showcase my products.Moreover, to hire professionals for webshop is costly and I find it too much work to update content daily etc.

 The dresses I sell are of very high quality and no shops in Capelle sell party outfits as unique as mine at the prices which I sell.

The busines has been running well offline as many people buy from home but that is not what I want. I want to sell in a shop or online.

Now that is challenging, costly and almost impossible to do alone. The shops are expessive and quiting my job is not an option for now.

I have contarcts with more than ten suppliers in Europe and I am ready to do all the work but need someone who is willing to invest financially to pay for a shop so I can sell and run the business.

If you are willing to partner with me, please contact me for more details.

Many thanks in advance.

Celina Eno


Bewerkt: Maandag 23 September 2019
Gepost: Vrijdag 13 September 2019
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Chris Winter
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TradesWay Funding
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Chris Winter

Gepost: Dinsdag 29 Oktober 2019, om 00:06

Heeft u hulp nodig met kapitaal voor een zakelijk idee? , Neem contact met me op zodat we zo snel mogelijk met het proces kunnen beginnen.

E-mail: Chriswinter321@gmail.com




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